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A tool for community builders, a network: Every Commune space is part of the Matrix federation.

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Protocol-centric software

We’re building Commune on top of the federated and secure [Matrix protocol], extending it with public-first community features.

Being grounded in a protocol of chat interoperability means a maximalist approach to user autonomy and [credible exit].

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future of web 1. ½

In the glory days of web 1.0, social websites would prominently link out to their digital neighbors via lists known as webrings! Fellow communities they could vouch for.

It was a time of greater connectivity between communal web spaces, each serving as an entryway into a tightly knit but infinitely expansive hinterland of digital villages.

We are bringing back the good vibes of the old web neighborhoods. Not by regressing to a bygone era, but by building the web 1.½ that should have been;

Key Features

Message gardening

What starts as an ephemeral chat message might evolve into an intricate thread with multiple incoming/outgoing connections. Commune facilitates this progression by making chat-view and board-view two different view modes of the one same channel.

Message gardening
The story of our product